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8 CSS Snippets That Demonstrate the Power of Shadow Effects

Where would web designers be without CSS? It wasn’t so long ago that something as simple as a drop shadow required the use of graphics. Now, it’s a matter of writing a line or two of code. That’s great for adding some basic effects to your text and containers. But it’s also possible to go […]

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A Long-Time WordPress Developer’s First Move Into Block Themes

I’ve been building custom sites in WordPress for more than a decade. I had grown accustomed to the process I had refined over the the years, using a boilerplate theme framework that I had customized, tweaked, and somewhat mastered as the foundation of my process. In the past couple years, as the Gutenberg editor was […]

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Image To Grid Transition

Today I have yet another image transition for you. This time, we’ll do something super simple: animate a large image to its place in a grid. This is certainly the first step of something more creative… think of two images, or three! Or maybe changing the size more dramatically! I hope this little experiment gives […]

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Stack to Content Layout Transition

Today I’d like to share a little experiment with you that is based on the layout transition of Aristide Benoist’s amazing homepage. Basically, I’m trying to rotate this layout just like Siddarth did in this shot. No WebGL for this experiment so we definitely don’t reach the slickness level of Aristide’s work but it’s fun […]

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Image Trail Animation for an Intro using GSAP’s Flip Plugin

I’m very fascinated with the GSAP Flip plugin and I was itching to try more examples where a layout is animated. So today I’d like to share another experiment with you that shows how easy it is to make these kind of layout changes happen using this magical plugin. Once you understand what you can […]

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How to extend the WordPress Search to Taxonomies?

By default, WordPress Search is somewhat limited and seems to pull results based on Title/Content only. If I write a Post and Tag it “JavaScript” but don’t mention that specific keyword in the Title/Content, searching the site for JavaScript won’t show this Post in the search results despite the Tag. What would be a minimal […]

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How To Get Started Creating Your First Custom WordPress Block

There is a lot of great documentation out there for creating custom WordPress blocks, and I admit I’m a bit late to the party, but when I finally started learning how to do this it was a little difficult to find a single tutorial that gave me all the steps I needed. In this article […]

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How I built avatars in Lemon Squeezy using Vue

It might not seem very difficult or complicated but getting avatars right can be harder than it first appears. This is usually because there are multiple different locations avatars can come from. In Lemon Squeezy, we try and show a user avatar based on multiple locations in the following order: A custom avatar that has […]

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How To Let Users Create Dynamic PDFs In WordPress

Whether you want to sell personalized PDF documents on your website, you want to drive traffic to your website by offering some type of PDF that users can customize, or any other creative ideas you can come up with to take advantage of this functionality, there is a great way to do it using a […]

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Unique Ways To Style Text Links with CSS

Is anyone else a little bored with the standard bolded & underlined text links? I know I am. Below are 5 unique ways to style text links with CSS that catch a reader’s attention and create a little more intrigue within a paragraph. Offset Underline This style is similar to an underline but with a […]

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How to: Create a custom ‘Forgot Password’ page in WordPress with Magic Links and wp_mail()

Forgetting your password is inevitable. The more profiles we create online, the more chances we have of getting our logins confused. Having an easy-to-use method for users to regain access to their account is an important part of running a successful web-based service. In this how-to we’re going to implement a system that (1) requests […]

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