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How to: Write an article with [v2]

Mar 21, 2022  •  @themolitor  •  5,500
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Start with an intro paragraph… This is where you introduce the reader to the overall goal of the article with a brief summary. Keep it simple. After another sentence or two, lead the reader into the first section with an h2 heading block like this…

H2 headers begin a section

Think of sections like chapters of a book containing a group of subsections. Here you get a little more specific. Feel free to write a paragraph or two, but try to avoid very-long-back-to-back paragraphs.

H3 heading blocks begin a subsection

Like different parts of a chapter, subsections are where you can dive into the details and expand on a single idea. Typically this is where you start seeing code examples like this…

* This is a "code" block :-)

If there’s another item in this section that you need to explore, add another h3 heading block. Otherwise, begin a totally new section with an h2 heading block like this…

Adding Images

Once your images are optimized for the web, hover over blocks in the editor to see a + symbol appear. Clicking that will display a menu of items you can add—including “image“.


Your input makes it better

No editor is perfect. If you have a feature request, encounter a weird layout issue or strange formatting of an element, let us know!


Technical Writing


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