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[update] Commenting System Improvements

Pushed some updates to the commenting system live today: πŸ₯³

  • Allowed tags are now displayed as clickable buttons within the commenting form.
  • Improved comment “preview” system (thanks @coothead for the feedback).
  • Users can edit comments for up to 12 hours after postingβ€”this window may change based on feedback/observations/etc.
  • Added individual email notifications controls for both “level 1” comments (get notified regarding all new comments) and “level 2” replies (get notified only when there are replies to specific comments).
  • New error handling for comments that contain content flagged by our cloudflare filters (previously caused a “freezing” effect with no messaging).
  • “Updated” indicator for comments that have been edited since they were first published with a timestamp pop-up on hover.
  • Davinciβ€’003 scans all comments/bounty replies for HTML errors with fix suggestions if found. More info here

This is just the first round of updates we have planned. Be sure to share any feedback, bugs or suggestions you have to help us continue to improve the commenting experience here. 🀘

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@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorMar 14.2023 β€”Β GREAT. Looking forward to checking them out.
@themolitorauthorThanks, Steve! Working on a moderation system this week that I think you’re gonna like. 🀘Mar 18.2023(updated)
@themolitorauthorModerator program is live! Also, are you still getting emails for these comments? If so, check the new "..." menu in the top right of this comment box. You should be able to toggle the alerts control there. πŸ‘Mar 20.2023(updated)
@themolitorauthorModerator program is live! Also, are you still getting emails for these comments? If so, check the new [...] menu in the top right of this comment box. You should be able to toggle the alerts control there. πŸ‘Mar 20.2023
@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorI'm testing ALERTS: OFF to see if it stops sending me emails...Mar 21.2023
@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorThe COMMUNITY list shows this thread to have a date -> March 13th, 2023 From the list it looks old and unanswered/not replied to.Mar 21.2023
@themolitorauthorYup, need to add number of replies πŸ‘Mar 21.2023
@themolitorauthorUPDATE: added total number of comments to the main community (and bounty) listings.Mar 21.2023
@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorCould/Should the Date and or Time STAMP be consistent through out the site? I'm seeing these four variations: Mar 13.23 March 13th, 2023 Mar 18th, 2023 Mar 20th, 2023(updated) shows time when hoovered Suggestion-> 03/22/2023, 3:07AMMar 22.2023
@themolitorauthorUpdated. After some testing, landed on "Mar 24.2023" as the most universal format to display. We found other formats like m/d/y are confusing for those who use d/m/y regularly.Mar 24.2023
@ByteAtATimeHi, I feel like having a toggle icon seems more intuitive than an item in the menu bar.Mar 31.2023
@dianirawanWowJul 07.2023
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@cootheadMar 14.2023 β€”Β ...after posting my comment, I now see that the code element
is rendering code rather than displaying it.

Of course, I stiil think that bbcode is preferable to HTML.

@themolitorauthorThanks, Denis! I haven't given up on supporting bbcode yet. Still researching that one.Mar 14.2023(updated)
@themolitorauthorThoughts on markdown?Mar 18.2023
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@themolitorauthorMar 14.2023(updated) β€”Β Noted! Thanks for the tests, Denis 🀘
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@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorMar 18.2023 β€”Β It's interesting that the system won't allow me to post a dummy web address...
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@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorMar 27.2023 β€”Β Just a quick test to see where this "Comment" lands when posted.
@themolitorauthorπŸ‘‹Mar 27.2023
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@themolitorauthorMar 27.2023(updated) β€”Β Update:
Added support for jsfiddle iframes to serve as code examples. You can edit the iframe markup to control the order of the tabs, the height of the embed or even if the environment should be "light" or "dark".

jsfiddle iFrame Demo πŸ‘‡

jsfiddle iFrame Demo πŸ‘†
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@ByteAtATimeMar 31.2023 β€”Β Hi, I submitted this as a feedback but realized this might belong better here. I think we should be able to add replies directly to a bounty, not just answers. For example, clarification questions might belong to a direct reply.
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@ByteAtATimeMar 31.2023 β€”Β It would also be nice to be able to reference an earlier comment and have it link to that comment, and also be able to @mention others.
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@dianirawanJul 07.2023 β€”Β Nice
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@cootheadMar 05.2024 β€”Β This thread...
...has this information ...
[this comment has been flagged for review]
...for my comment and this thread...
...does not let me reply or comment.
Is all this due to website technical problems?

@cootheadAll mycomments now appear to be flagged for review. Is this a technical issue or have I now become a "persona non grata" ? cootheadMar 05.2024(updated)
@themolitorauthorI can't tell if that was automatic/system flagged or if flagged by another user. In any case, should be good now. πŸ‘ Thanks for the heads up.Mar 05.2024


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