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Is it possible to use a CSS parent selector?

This has been a long requested feature for CSS. Is there a method available today that enables targeting a parent of a specific element?

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July 5th, 2022CSS

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@JaySODec 05, 2022 — Yes, you can use the :parent selector in CSS to select an element that is the parent of another element. This can be useful for applying styles to an element based on its relationship to another element. For example, you could use the :parent selector to apply a style to a p element if it is the parent of an an element with a specific class. This would look something like this:

p:parent > a.special-link {
/* Styles for the p element */

In this example, the p:parent > a.special-link selector will select any p element that is the parent of an a element with the class special-link, and the styles inside the curly braces will be applied to those p elements.


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