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How to: LIVE Stream on with Twitch

Sep 6, 2022  •  @themolitor  •  4,225
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Level up your profile page (+unlock a new badge) by displaying your Twitch live stream with full chat and the ability to let WD viewers send you tips with SATS.

Connect Twitch Channel

Visit your WD profile settings to access the Connect Twitch Channel button at the bottom of the page…

Authorize Access

Clicking connect will send you over to to authorize the request to connect your channel…

Clicking “authorize” will allow to save your channel ID to your profile and access the Twitch API in order to display your live stream from your WD profile page.


After authorizing the request, you’ll be redirected to your profile settings page and should see something like this…

  • Refresh: this is handy if you make changes to your channel (e.g. change the channel name, etc) and need to update your WD profile with the new info.
  • Disconnect: this will remove all your data that we save to your profile (e.g. channel ID and API tokens), but does NOT disconnect from your profile. To do that, you’ll also need to visit

Download Twitch Studio

Twitch Studio is a one-stop-shop for managing your live stream. You can easily control which cameras are being used, manage the location of your chat notifications, display your desktop view and even create separate scenes for different uses.

Download Twitch Studio here:

Start LIVE Stream

As soon as you’re ready, all you have to do is hit that “Start Stream” button in Twitch Studio and you’ll be LIVE.

Your channel will begin broadcasting your stream and your profile will display a “LIVE” notice next to your avatar…

Going LIVE unlocks badge!

Watch LIVE Steam

When visitors click your “LIVE avatar” they’ll see a pop-up of your stream with the ability to chat and send you SATS via the tips bar below the video player…

That’s not all…

In addition to showcasing “LIVE” profiles on the home page and other category pages, we’re also planning on adding more features to the platform to better integrate your WD profile.

We’re also hoping you’ll have some suggestions and feedback for us to make this feature ever better. 🤘

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