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Introducing the latest member of the WD team: Davinci•003

I’m stoked to announce the integration of Davinci•003—an AI language model—into WebDeveloper.com. Developed by OpenAI’s research group, “Davinci” is the most advanced GPT-3 language model in the industry, able to comprehend and work through surprisingly complex problems.

With this update you can experience the power of Davinci for yourself and see how it can solve even the most difficult development challenges and help debug errors in a wide array of web languages. It truly is unlike any other AI language model that came before it.

What does Davinci•003 do here?

1. Instant Auto-reply to Bounties

Davinci•003 will provide automatic responses to your bounty questions, helping you begin [or end] the process of finding a solution. We’ve seen exciting results in our testing, but you’ll be able to rate the quality of the response to help us improve our implementation.

Example: How can I center a ‘div’ element horizontally and vertically within its container using flexbox?

Important Note:
Davinci•003 auto-replies can NOT be selected as the official “answer” to a bounty question. A human response is still required to earn the posted reward. 👍

2. Content Moderation

As more articles, bounties and code demos are published, it’s important to us that the information and resources on WebDeveloper.com are relevant and useful to the web developer community. For this goal, Davinci•003 will also help us detect content deemed unrelated to web development and alert admins to review the content.

Reviewing content for quality also enables Davinci•003 to only auto-reply to bounties if the titles are thought to be on topic and useful to the community.

3. HTML Validation in Comments [NEW]

When answering a bounty or posting comments in the community forum, Davinci•003 will scan your response for HTML errors. This will help ensure that you’re (1) not posting invalid markup for others to use and (2) that your code doesn’t get removed by our HTML parsing filters.

If an error is detected, Davinci will let you know what errors were found and offer suggestions to help fix the problem.

[added March 13th, 2023]

More Soon!

It’s an exciting time to be a web developer! We have a large roadmap ahead to expand on all that’s possible with Davinci•003. Have some ideas of your own? Let us know



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