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Write a WD article that demonstrates how to build components in Framer

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Mar 27.2023

Framer is a popular site-building web app primarily geared towards users without any coding knowledge. Using their provided developer tools, there’s a GREAT opportunity for the developer community to extend Framer’s capabilities with standard React and JavaScript.

To claim this bounty, please note the following requirements:

1. The article must be published on WebDeveloper.com by an approved author—replies to this bounty do not qualify. To request author access, submit this form (must be logged in to view).

2. The article must include screenshots for any UI/UX references.

3. The article must include code examples to fully recreate a Framer component.

4. Once published, simply post a link to your article to qualify for this bounty reward.

Bonus SATS (via author tips) available for articles that get featured on the home page!

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Technical Writing

5 Replies

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Mar 27.2023 — 
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Mar 27.2023 — 
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@steimeMar 31.2023 — https://webdeveloper.com/tips-tricks/extending-framers-capabilities-with-standard-react-and-typescript-for-developers/
You find my answer here. I did it with TypeScript because Framer suggest TypeScript as a default, when creating new files. I hope this helps
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@luffyMar 27.2023 — I have already sent a request but not yet gotten the author access.
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@themolitorMar 27.2023(updated) — Example answer:

Here is a link to my article: https://webdeveloper.com/tips-tricks/...


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