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How do you remove a property from a JavaScript object?

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Jul 02.2022
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@toddDec 02.2022 — To remove a property from a JavaScript object, you can use the delete operator. This operator takes the object and the property you want to delete as operands. For example:

const person = {
name: "John Doe",
age: 30

delete person.age;

This code will remove the age property from the person object. After running this code, the person object will have only the name property, and the value of the age property will be undefined.

It's worth mentioning that the delete operator only affects the object on which it is called. If the property you want to delete is inherited from the object's prototype, the delete operator will not affect it. In that case, you can use the Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor() method to check if the property is an own property of the object, and only delete it if it is. For example:

const person = {
name: "John Doe"

const descriptor = Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(person, "name");
if (descriptor && !descriptor.configurable) {
// The "name" property cannot be deleted.
} else {
delete person.name;

This code will check if the name property is an own property of the person object, and if it is, it will delete it. Otherwise, it will do nothing.


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