Named after Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, SATS are the smallest unit of Bitcoin recorded on the blockchain—100m SATS equal 1 BTC.

You can earn SATS the following ways

Unlocking Badges

Badges have a SAT value that gets added to your account once you complete a specific action. For example, filling out 100% of your profile unlocks the Completed Profile badge and you earn +1500 SATS.

Giving Feedback

Earn SATS each time your feedback is put into “pending” status. Pending status means we plan on adding your feedback to our dev timeline. Once your feedback is put into “implemented” status, you unlock the “Gave Feedback” badge for additional SATS (see above value).

Receiving Tips

If you’re an author, users can send you SATS by tipping your articles. Users have the option of adding a comment with their tip as well as being able to tip anonymously.

Bounty Hunting

Bounties are posted by users needing some help from the web developer community. Each bounty has a custom SAT value that gets awarded to the selected answer (as decided by the bounty author).

Depositing SATS

Want to skip the badges, feedback forms and bounty hunting and just deposit SATS to your profile? Grab a lightning-supported Bitcoin wallet and click the “Add SATS” button up in the corner ↗

Live Streaming

For those who enjoy building in public, connect your account to display a “LIVE” notice on your profile page where viewers will be able to tip you with SATS (similar to articles). More info

Contributing Demos

Submit a codepen demo for any reference doc and earn 500 SATS for each approved submission. Example demo

Selling Code — April 2023*

One of the bigger goals of our dev timeline is to enable you to sell your code (e.g. snippets, plugins, templates, tools, apps, etc.) for SATS.


When you earn 50,000+ SATS, you’ll qualify for the ability to withdrawal your earnings. Withdrawals are processed once a month by sending the requested amount of SATS to a Bitcoin wallet.

* Actual goal, but is an estimate and subject to change.

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