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Write a WD article that teaches how to create widgets for Figma

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Aug 02.2022

We’re looking for a full tutorial on how to build a Figma widget that would be useful to Web Developers. Ideal articles will make use of the widget docs and cover enough ground to apply to most applications.

To claim this bounty, the article must be published on webdeveloper.com by an approved author—to request author access, submit this form (must be logged in).

Bonus SATS (via author tips) available for articles that get featured on the home page!

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FigmaNode.jsReactTechnical Writing

2 Replies

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@steimeFeb 14.2023 — https://webdeveloper.com/tips-tricks/how-to-create-widgets-in-figma/ You find my article here
@themolitorAny chance we could get screenshots on these?Feb 15.2023
@themolitor...feels a little bare (and AI-generated otherwise)Feb 15.2023
@steimeSure, I updated the articleFeb 15.2023
@themolitorLet's go!!! 🤘Feb 15.2023
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@manusbuckDec 15.2022 — Who's the target audience? Can I assume that the reader knows React? In that case, it will be easier to portray Figma Widget API as a component library.
@themolitorGood question! If react is a required aspect of building Figma Widgets, then I think it would be safe to assume the developer should know React before jumping into building Widgets. That said, BONUS points (e.g. SATS) if you use the Figma Widget API as a way to introduce web developers to React as well 🤘Dec 16.2022
@themolitorJust want to make sure you saw this 👆Jan 16.2023


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