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Welcome to the Community forum! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to to the new Community portal on WebDeveloper.com. This new feature enables topical [or random] content posted by you and the #WebDeveloper community. 

We’re actively working to make this updated wing of WD useful and easy to use (not to mention faster). We also depend on you to help us make the experience better. 🀝

If you’re coming from the old forum*, be sure to reset your password to gain access to your updated profiles and post replies. 🀘

*refers to legacy experience at forum.webdeveloper.com

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@sibertFeb 27.2023 β€”Β Nice with some color at least on one tiny spot :-)
@themolitorauthor😊Feb 27.2023
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@cootheadMar 04.2023 β€”Β I tried to test the "allowed tags" and, except for the code tag,
they seemed to work in the preview that you have now added.

Unfortunately, clicking "Post Comment" caused the page to

As a matter of interest why are you using HTML code instead of bbcode?

It might allow JavaScript to run !!!

@themolitorauthorWe're testing our options here and by no means is this settled. Currently we're looking into how far we can go with code examples that don't trigger our CDN security features, which is probably what caused your submission to freeze (got flagged). You may be on to something with using bbcode.Mar 05.2023
@themolitorauthorFirst round of Updates are liveMar 13.2023(updated)
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@LoverboyloveMar 04.2023 β€”Β Okay nice πŸ‘
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@themolitorauthorMar 05.2023 β€”Β Yeah, looks like some of your markup got filtered. Thanks for helping us test this out! 🀘
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@themolitorauthorMar 05.2023 β€”Β If nothing changes, I would give this place till the end of the month too!!! πŸ˜… I appreciate your patience coothead. We're working on it. Definitely a priority, we're just working our way through the dev roadmap we have in place. πŸ‘
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@timstatlerMar 11.2023 β€”Β I'm a new member here and I just want to say I love the platform. I know there is still work to do for the WD team and I look forward to those improvements but as a jr dev, I'm really enjoying the UX. Keep up the great work!
@themolitorauthorHey Tim! πŸ‘‹ Appreciate the support and encouragment. πŸ‘Š Definitely lots more to come and stoked you’ll be along for the ride. 🀘Mar 11.2023
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@themolitorauthorMar 13.2023 β€”Β First round of Updates are live
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@SerranoMar 22.2024 β€”Β Lovely with a splash of color on even a small area :-)


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