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What is the purpose of `link rel=”image_src”` in an HTML document?

I have seen this when viewing source on some sites and it’s not clear to me why I need to include it.

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December 13th, 2022HTML

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@SibertDec 13, 2022 —
@themolitorHeyyy 🤣
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@StarryDec 23, 2022 — The rel means the type of link, the kind of the thing between the document and the resource that's used. Thats most of the time just a few words like stylesheet is used. Although many other words have been proposed and used.
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@Hot_HeadGamingDec 23, 2022 — The link rel="image_src" tag lets you control what image (or images, you can have more than one by stacking separate references) is displayed alongside your link.
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Dec 24, 2022 — The link element with a rel attribute set to "image_src" specifies the URL of an image that represents the content of the page. This is used to provide a thumbnail image for the page when it is shared on social media or added to a bookmarking service.

For example, the following link element would specify an image located at "" as the thumbnail image for the page:

It's important to note that this link element should be placed in the head of the HTML document, and not in the body.
For some reason the example isn't shown. Here:
link rel="image_src" href=""
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@codiJan 04, 2023 — link rel="image_src" is an HTML tag that specifies the location of an image that should be used when a webpage is shared on social media or other platforms. It is used to specify the image that will be displayed when the webpage is shared on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

For example:

This tag is included in the head section of the HTML document and allows web developers to specify the image that will be used as a thumbnail when the webpage is shared. This can be useful for increasing the visibility of a webpage on social media platforms, as a well-chosen image can attract more attention and increase the chances that the webpage will be shared.
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@1Jan 20, 2023 — The rel attribute defines the relationship between a linked resource and the current document.


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