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UX Engineer
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I love designing and building unique web experiences from concept to launch. Created to curate tweets, threads, music, art, videos and other save-worthy links. Currently building
Bothell, WA
Owned & Operated


When hovering over blocks in the WordPress editor, Wayfinder displays the block type and class names, making it 100x easier to identify and select the blocks you're trying to edit.
Curating just got easier. tw-rl officially has a browser extension for Google Chrome available for install! Now you can preview and edit your cards w/o having to visit your profile page.
Created, a bookmarking and curation tool for tweets, threads and other links around the web. Responsible for (1) API integrations, (2) branding/logo design, (3) and site design/development.
Fun little side project I started as a way to easily get notified when a particular campsite was available. Powered by
That Book™ aims at taking the traditional e-book experience to the next level by including video and audio as alternate methods for consuming the book content. As a co-founder, I was responsible for (1) full site development, (2) custom payment system with stripe/PayPal/Apple Pay support, and (3) audio/video integration that includes an innovative audio playback solution I came up with called “Audio Content Highlighting”.
Co-founded, a twitter-powered job board. Responsible for (1) site development, (2) Twitter API integration,(3) stripe payment integration and (4)user account management system.
RIVYT [riv·et] is an instant landing page generator for video creators. RIVYT can take your Twitch or YouTube channel and automatically create a branded site — in seconds. As a co-founder, I was responsible for (1) the branding/logo design, (2) the “RIVYT panel” sidebar design/development as well as (3) designing/developing 16 layout options for users to select.
07.2016 is a crowdfunding platform where students can list all their education expenses with individual donation goals. As the founder of this project, I was responsible for (1) all branding/logo design, (2) site design/development, and (3) marketing at student-based events.
Contributed to
With over 30,000+ customers worldwide, achieved “Power Elite” status on after generating over $1.25M in WordPress theme sales as “THE MOLITOR”.
How to: Post a Bounty on

Bounties are questions (or requests) posted by the WD community with a SATS reward that’s given to the author of the selected answer. This is an incentivized way to resolve technical challenges faced in a particular project, such as unresolved bugs, uncertainty of how to implement a new feature, or other general requests that only […]

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Bitcoin Wallets that use the Lightning Network

For those familiar with making payments on the blockchain, the biggest challenge these days is how long it can take for transactions to complete. The current average is around 2 minutes, but in some cases—during peak network traffic times—it can take up to SIX HOURS! 😬 To reduce the processing time—and fees—of transactions, the Bitcoin […]

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How to: Create a custom ‘Forgot Password’ page in WordPress with Magic Links and wp_mail()

Forgetting your password is inevitable. The more profiles we create online, the more chances we have of getting our logins confused. Having an easy-to-use method for users to regain access to their account is an important part of running a successful web-based service. In this how-to we’re going to implement a system that (1) requests […]

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How to: Write an article with

Start with an intro paragraph… This is where you introduce the reader to the overall goal of the article with a brief summary. Not too much detail here. Keep it simple. After another sentence or two, lead the reader into the first section with an <h2> tag like this… H2 headers begin a section Think […]

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