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What is the future of DevOps in a GPT4 World

GPT4 is here and I was just getting used to GPT3 and the other LLM available – will GPT/LLM change a developers relationship with DevOps dramatically? 

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@code-lightningMar 15.2023 — I do think so, and in a good way. I find myself keeping a ChatGPT window open most days now for quick code troubleshooting or to spark ideas. It's so much faster than Googling and sifting through dozens of sites, or posting to StackOverflow and waiting days only to get a snarky answer from the elites over there.
@td_stacktapeauthorYou spot on Google has now become so time consuming trying to sift through all the results trying to get to the information your after when you just want to ask a question and get an answer. The question is now when will we be able to trust the answer 100%Mar 16.2023
@themolitor"when will we be able to trust the answer 100%" — This is where the developer community is DESPERATELY needed. A good example is our bounty system. We have the same AI language model auto-replying to posted questions with a possible solution. While it does produce good results if the questions are clear, we know it can get it wrong. For that reason, the ai auto-reply can NOT be selected as an answer to the posted bounty. A HUMAN is still needed to either validate the AI response or offer up a better solution. Until ChatGPT can truly think for itself (and pass the turing test), devs are needed now more than ever! 🤘Mar 16.2023(updated)
@td_stacktapeauthorIt will get better over time, and trust is built over time through repeated testing, but as you say for the foreseeable it will need the dev community to build in the checks and balancesMar 17.2023
@themolitorMar 20.2023
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@themolitorMar 15.2023(updated) — Yup. It will for sure. For me it means we'll have more time focusing on the bigger goals of our projects. With v3 I was already spending less time researching methods, bugs, etc. I was also able to put it to work doing more mundane tasks like "smarter" search and replace or having it add certain elements to markup that I would previously have to do manually with the tools I had at my disposal. It has easily cut out a day or two in some cases, which frees me up to move on to the next thing much quicker.
@td_stacktapeauthorThe time savings is real...it's an old saying but time is money and the human race has always been in pursuit of claiming back our time and letting the machines do the mundane time consuming stuff that has to be done but are not high value tasks.Mar 16.2023
@themolitor💯Mar 16.2023


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