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Thoughts on NOSTR?

Recently came across nostr.com, which seems to provide a open protocol for a “decentralized social network”. Would be cool leverage a system like this to add a social layer over existing platforms (like WebDeveloper.com), but curious if something like this would be the best path forward… 🤔

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@loriealferJun 15.2023 — That's awesome that you discovered nostr.com and their open protocol for a "decentralized social network." It's definitely an interesting idea to consider leveraging a system like this to add a social layer over existing platforms like WebDeveloper.com. However, determining if it's the best path forward requires some careful consideration. Here are a few points to think about:

1. Compatibility: Check if the nostr.com open protocol is compatible with the existing platforms you want to enhance, like WebDeveloper.com. Make sure they can work together smoothly.

2. User Experience: Consider how adding a social layer would enhance the user experience on platforms like WebDeveloper.com. Will it provide value and make the platform more engaging for users?

3. Technical Feasibility: Evaluate the technical feasibility of integrating the nostr.com protocol with existing platforms. Look into the requirements, resources, and potential challenges involved in implementing such a system.

4. User Adoption: Consider whether the target audience of the existing platforms would be interested in and willing to use the added social layer. Will it improve their experience and encourage them to interact more?

5. Benefits and Drawbacks: Weigh the potential benefits of adding a social layer, such as increased user engagement and community building, against any drawbacks or risks involved. Make sure the benefits outweigh the challenges.

6. Alternatives: Explore other options available for adding a social layer to platforms like WebDeveloper.com. Compare different approaches' features, advantages, and limitations to determine the best fit.

It may also be helpful to consult with experts, such as Infinity Web Solutions, who can provide guidance and insights specific to your situation.

Remember, the best path forward depends on your project's specific goals and needs. Take your time to research and consider all the factors before making a decision. Good luck with your exploration of adding a social layer to existing platforms!
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@MirroSep 21.2023 — Sounds just like SteemIt. When you add a financial incentive to your website and don't curate it, it invites spammers.


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