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What happend to the forum

Did the online forum get taken down, because I beleive that before the website would just work and now the website has been taken down because I tried ot access the online forum but it wouldn’t allow me to access it. The webdeveloper forum was a great forum.

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@themolitorMar 13.2023(updated) — Hi Burhan 👋 The legacy forum [previously at forum.webdeveloper.com] now exists in this /Community section of WebDeveloper.com.

About a year ago we started working on a new platform with the primary goal of providing "value for value"—a concept in which an individual provides value to others in exchange for receiving value in return, creating a mutually beneficial relationship (often referred to as #value4value). Our first implementation of this was enabling devs to receive tips (in the form of SATS) for articles they published. We also setup the ability for members to reward devs for successfully answering a bounty question.

This past month we shifted focus to the forums and are actively working to implement the #value4value concept here. This ultimately meant we had to rebuild the forums (so to speak) so that it can live within this new platform we're building now. We're working hard to implement some of the functionality you were use to before (updates coming this week), but we're also adding new features that enable devs to earn something of actual value—instead of just ❤️s or 👍s. For example, if you submit feedback regarding features you would like to see implemented, you can earn for your contributions.


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