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Reasoning About and Projecting SEO Content ROI

Hello folks.  And thanks for sticking with me as I continue my relentless assault on any remaining soul I have yet to suck out of content creation.  I’ll try to finish it off today. And there’s no better way to do that than to start talking about return on investment (ROI).  Return on investment is […]

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The Phases of an Organic Campaign

Don’t look now, but it seems like I’m in real danger of finishing this series of posts.  One day, I might even become a blogger again. In the last few posts, I went into a good bit of detail about how to do keyword research.  This culminated in a post about assembling your research into […]

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Keywords 301: Campaigns, Roadmaps, and Funnels

Alright, once more unto the breach, dear non-scumbags.  I’m continuing this series, and with slightly better cadence than once every 9 months.  We’ll get ‘er dun yet. Here’s a recap of the three most recent posts: I introduced the idea of “keywords” as searcher questions. Then I introduced the granular mechanics of evaluating individual keywords. […]

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Keywords 201: Tails, Association, Authority, and Cannibalization

In my last post, I introduced you to the basics of keyword research.  This included the essential pillars of difficulty, volume, and segmentation.  You’ll need that backstory because today I’m going to build on those concepts to create an intermediate-level treatment of keyword research. My aim here is for you to come away with a […]

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Keywords 101: Difficulty, Volume, and Segmentation

More content today, in keeping with a cadence that one can only describe as “halting, at best.”  But, in spite of my failings, on we go with the SEO for non-scumbags series. Defining the Important Terms Last time out, I introduced the idea of keywords, focusing on searcher psychology as the foundation.  In this installment, […]

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Introduction to Keywords via Understanding Searcher Psychology

So far in this SEO for non-scumbags series (first post and index here), I’ve spent two posts making the case for SEO to a skeptical audience and laying some strategic groundwork.  Now it’s time to talk specifics and move to the more tactical. In this post I’m going to cover what I consider the most […]

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Game Theory in SEO: Building A Ship of Strategy in a Sea of Tactics

Editorial Note: this post is part of my SEO for Non-Scumbags series, which I began here. It might seem a bit aggressive or presumptuous to write off an entire discipline as tactical.  But, I guess, here we are. I’ve spent the last 4 years absolutely immersed in the world of SEO, largely with one simple […]

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SEO for Non-Scumbags: How to Earn Site Visitors without Selling Your Soul

Editorial note: hi folks!  Thanks for your patience as I’ve been getting my life settled enough to start creating content again.  We’ve done some hiring for a few roles, backfilling me, so I’m actually seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for creating DaedTech content. Today I’m going to start a blog post […]

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