Adrian Pelletier

Front-end Dev • Logo Design • Photography
Build Interactive


Royalty-free CC0 nature stock photos and videos. Use them however you want.
I've been designing logos, fonts, and illustrations for Creative Market and Envato Elements since the very beginning of both communities.
In 2008, I founded Build Interactive, a small Web Design studio specializing in website design, development, and mobile applications. I've had the privilege of working with many world-class brands, including multiple Fortune 500 companies, and hand-coded over 200 projects.
Is a Python-related User Agent ever a legit traffic source?

I’m noticing some odd looking user agent details in server logs that vary from the typical mozilla, chrome, and other expected browsers. Is there any normal reason for a user agent to be python-requests or python-urllib? Are these type of traffic hits usually bad scrapers, or can they be “good” crawlers that shouldn’t be blocked?

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VS Code “Cannot validate since a PHP installation could not be found.”

I’m currently using Visual Studio Code version 1.71.0 and an error I’ve been seeing for awhile with PHP files is: Cannot validate since a PHP installation could not be found. Use the setting ‘php.validate.executablePath’ to configure the PHP executable. What is the quick fix to get this to go away?

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How will WordPress Full Site Editing change theme development?

There’s a resurgence in the WP community and lots of buzz around FSE. How will this impact theme developers in the near future?

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Can you format code in VS Code without an extension?

I’d rather not install extra extensions, though Prettier looks like a good option. Does Visual Studio Code support native code formatting?

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What is the preferred method for upgrading Node.js on Mac OS?

I’d like to learn this the “old-fashioned” way without use of Brew or NVM. What is best practice in 2022 for upgrading Node.js?

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What a use case for CSS :where() instead of the :is() pseudo selector?

CSS support keeps expanding and brings with it new selectors to learn. What’s your opinion on the best examples for using :where() over :is()?

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What is the simplest way to undo a recent local commit in Git?

This one has been tough to commit to memory (ha, get it?) and I often find multiple answers when searching online. What should be my go-to method?

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How to extend the WordPress Search to Taxonomies?

By default, WordPress Search is somewhat limited and seems to pull results based on Title/Content only. If I write a Post and Tag it “JavaScript” but don’t mention that specific keyword in the Title/Content, searching the site for JavaScript won’t show this Post in the search results despite the Tag. What would be a minimal […]

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