What is the preferred method for upgrading Node.js on Mac OS?

I’d like to learn this the “old-fashioned” way without use of Brew or NVM. What is best practice in 2022 for upgrading Node.js?

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@thrithedawgsudo n latest
@lashieUsing N: An npm-based node version manager.  Check the Node.js version in your console. If n package is not already installed, install it using npm.  sudo npm install -g n  (To install the stable node release, use this command.) sudo n stable  (To install/update the most recent node release, use this command.) Sudo n latest Install/update the most recent LTS node release with this command. sudo n lts done now! Checking your Node.js version once more will allow you to confirm the update was successful.
@smpnjnI wrote an article on this, actually, here: Change Node.js version
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