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How will WordPress Full Site Editing change theme development?

There’s a resurgence in the WP community and lots of buzz around FSE. How will this impact theme developers in the near future?

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@robertkotulaOct 21.2022 — From a purely business standpoint, theme development has and will continue being less profitable in terms of small agency sales as many will prefer purchasing a lifetime license to Divi for example that will allow them to pump out websites for smaller clients at a much faster rate with a lot of uniqueness. Something that a lot of themes cannot provide due to the nature of their design. In terms of user managed websites, I think that themes will continue playing a major role as most small site owners do not have the know how or the time to develop their websites from scratch. However, I feel that a bigger threat to theme development for WordPress is the rise of Wix and Squarespace that pump much bigger amounts of marketing money and time to get the attention of micro business owners. The alure of quick and easy website deployment where it takes you a few hours to get a personal site will continue to segment the market.


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