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What a use case for CSS :where() instead of the :is() pseudo selector?

CSS support keeps expanding and brings with it new selectors to learn. What’s your opinion on the best examples for using :where() over :is()?

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August 5th, 2022CSS

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@fpendovskiAug 10, 2022 — The main difference between the two is specificity. :where() always has 0 specificity meaning that it could be easily overridden by another CSS rule, while :is() takes the specificity of its most specific selector.

This makes it easier to make a better plan for reusing CSS rules and reducing the amount of CSS needed to be written to achieve the wanted design.

A good use case for the :where() selector this would be creating a base styling for your application (buttons, lists, anchor tags, etc.) that could easily be overridden for specific cases.


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