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Alby: Bringing Bitcoin to the web

Alby: Bringing Bitcoin to the webAlby is bringing the everyday use of Bitcoin to the web via the Lightning Network. For many, it is understood that Bitcoin is a novel form of internet money, but what much fewer grasp is that there is a gap between Bitcoin as a commodity and its usability on the web.

This is part of the critical need for why the Lightning Network was created, and is at the core of why Alby exists. Bitcoin has limitations implicit to being the highly secure asset that it is. The Lightning Network is a toolkit to expand on those limitations, and Alby is using them to bring Bitcoin to the everyday internet experience. The use of Bitcoin on the web is a big problem (and opportunity!) due to the ramifications of sharing value freely on the internet.

Alby is leveraging the Lightning Network to build tools, including the browser extension, the flagship that helps accelerate Bitcoin’s adoption for everyday use on the web. In providing a browser extension, supporting Lightning developers, and building out infrastructure, like the Alby wallet, with an open-source ideology, Alby creates building blocks to make payments accessible and convenient for everyone.

Read more about our mission here

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