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Welcome to the New Site

If and when you make it over – chime in and let me know.

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@sibertFeb 25.2023 — Over. But way slower than the old forum. Minutes compared to seconds. No search function yet.
@themolitorHey @sibert! 👋 100% agree on performance issues. Researching and working on that is my current focus. 👍 As soon as we get the speed up to snuff, we'll bake community content back into the search.Feb 25.2023
@sibert:-)Feb 25.2023
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@sibertFeb 25.2023 — And still not able to edit my own post...
@themolitorAre you referring to this post 👆?Feb 25.2023
@sibertAll posts. The "edit" button is missing. Sometimes you spells wrong and you want to edit your post.Feb 25.2023
@themolitorGotcha. Looking into that now...Feb 25.2023
@themolitorDouble-checked and you should be able to edit the main post if you're the author (e.g. the main page title/content). We're still working on enabling users to edit *these* comments and replies.Feb 25.2023
@themolitorYou should post this request to edit comments on the feedback page so you can earn some SATS for making this observation 😉Feb 25.2023
@sibertDone.Feb 25.2023
@themolitorFirst round of updates liveMar 13.2023
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@Steve_R_JonesauthormoderatorFeb 25.2023 — What does the # Pound Sign mean on the date stamps-> Feb 25, 2023 — #
can that be changed to a "Time" stamp?
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@themolitorFeb 25.2023 — You definitely should NOT be getting emails about your own comments. That's a bug, lol. Looking into it now... 🙃

Regarding #, that's meant to be an ancor/id for the comment so you can link directly to it if needed 👍
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@tracknutFeb 25.2023 — I'm here, but boy am I baffled as to how this site works now. Is there some place where there is a forum-like experience? People ask questions, people give answers?
@themolitorHey @tracknut 👋 You have a couple options: (1) Post questions here in the community section or (2) post questions in the bounties section. The main difference is that the bounty section has a SATS balance attached to the post that gets awarded to the selected answer—decided by you—while community posts are just meant to function as general discussion/ideas exploration.Feb 25.2023
@tracknutWell okay, some input: - I'm not sure how calling all the discussion "Bounties" is particularly obvious to a visitor. - There's an unnerving white flash on every page change - An odd miss on page size - when I bring up the bounties page on my large desktop screen, I get three boxes with bounties in them, in quite large font. Aside from the possible assumption that I'm blind, if I shrink that page down, at a width somewhere around 600px, the font size shrinks to something closer to logical, and when I size the page up big again, the font size stays small. It looks like these changes are happening in JS rather than in CSS, and that JS has a flaw. - In general the use of screen real estate is pretty poor. Huge areas of black, for some reason a large megaphone on each post, and things oriented vertically down the page instead of horizontally, leaves very low content per screen.Feb 26.2023
@themolitorAppreciate your input here! (1) We went with "Bounties" to emphasize that there's a reward available for a selected response. We did go through a naming conversation (before & after) and will continue to think on that one. (2) not sure about the white flash, will check that out! (3) sounds like you're viewing the "card view" at the larger sizes and then the "list view" at smaller sizes. There's a toggle button right at the top of the card listing to control those views if you prefer one over the other. We're still playing with the layout, though, and do appreciate your notes.Feb 26.2023
@themolitorTL;DR "bounties" are meant to be a Q&A type of experience, whereas "community" is intended to be more discussion/conversation based 👍Feb 26.2023
@tracknutRe. card view vs list view, it could be. I can't find a way to switch views, and don't see any info on how to attach an image in this post to show you what the top of my screen looks like. It has a button for changing from day/night view, and one for my profile, etc, but I couldn't find anything related to these different views.Feb 26.2023
@tracknutBy the way, thanks for your replies!Feb 26.2023
@tracknutAh, found the card/list view. That helps shrink it down a bit.Feb 26.2023
@themolitorThanks for mentioning the image upload capability missing! I'll make a note of that. Sounds like you're describing the top "bar" with the logo,menu,avatar,etc. I'm talking about where the cards are actually displayed (like on the "community" page for example), directly above the cards—on the right-hand side —are some layout icons to toggle the view.Feb 26.2023
@themolitorah, just saw your last reply 👍Feb 26.2023
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@cootheadFeb 25.2023 — I've been a member of Webdeveloper forums for
nearly twenty years and find that the latest
version is a total disaster.

1. This so called forum has no warmth whatsover.
2. There is no provision to preview a post.
3. There are no separate forum categories for HTML,
CSS, JavaScript etc.
4. For pities sake, who on earth, other than boy
scouts, would want badges? [img]https://coothead.co.uk/images/smilies/groan2.gif[/img]

@themolitorHey @coothead 👋 Appreciate your feedback here. #2 pushing an update for this soon. #3 You can use the "filter" on the main community page to view specific topics. Example HTML topic. #4 hehe, it's not *just* the badges. They each hold a SATS value (sub unit of Bitcoin) that you can earn to purchase resources provided by other members (coming soon) or withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet of choice. Please know this site is under active development and we plan to improve the experience as we go. Your insights here are a HUGE help and I personally appreciate your blunt candor 🤘Feb 25.2023
@ginerjmI totally agree with coothead's thoughts. This site is no longer what I too have been signing onto for several years. I'll stick with PHPFreaks I guess.Feb 27.2023
@themolitorHey @ginerjm, totally understand and you're absolutely right. This is not the same site it was before. It looks different and works differently than before. You can't do some of the stuff you did on the previous forum software. There's likely a few bugs somewhere sitting and waiting for somebody to come along with a flashlight. But I'm hoping you'll see there's way more you can do here now than you could before. By writing articles or supporting others with solutions to problems, we're working to help those devs *earn* for the time they're spending writing those code examples, spinning up a those jsfiddles and codepens. They're providing something of actual value to all of us, and we think there should be something we can give back to them. 👍 #value4valueFeb 27.2023
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@cootheadFeb 25.2023 — "Allowed tags: a img code iframe. Use backticks for inline code."

Well, judging by my previous post, that turns out to be a joke.

A forum needs bbcode to make it functional.

@themolitorI'll check that out, but currently you can wrap elements with common html elements like a tags and em tags.Feb 25.2023
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@ginerjmFeb 27.2023 — I've managed to sign on at last. But - what have I signed on to? Doesn't look like a 'forum' for discussing programming issues for those who need help, which sometimes is actually me.

Not sure it's what I am looking for anymore. Not even sure what it is.
@themolitorHey @ginerjm! Thanks for updating your profile from the legacy forum 🤘. If you need quick responses to a specific issue [error/bug/etc], post a bounty. Each bounty has a SATS reward that's given to the author of the selected answer (proving value for their time and consideration). For general conversation, the community page is where you'll want to "start a discussion". You're also free to ask for help in the community section, but posting a bounty also generates an auto-ai-reply by the same language model that powers ChatGPT 👍Feb 27.2023
@ginerjmWhere does one ask a PHP question now? Just post it in a Community page along with other posts for other concerns? And now that I have posted a response to someone's issue with the new site Why did I get an email telling me that someone had replied? I know that I replied but I don't need an email telling me that I did. That's a killer right there.Feb 27.2023
@ginerjmAnd I'll probably get another one of those emails now. Maybe even 2Feb 27.2023
@themolitorIf you need quick help, you can tag bounties with PHP. You can also tag community discussions with PHP. Your posts will display on the main page and in the PHP section. RE: emails. I'm sorry about that. Working on making those better NOW. Building a notification control to turn those on/off.Feb 27.2023
@themolitor[I've turned OFF all email notifications for community posts]Feb 27.2023
@sibertThere is an old saying that "changes are good as they don't appear to fast". People have to be used to changes in small portions. I still prefer the "StackOverflow" look and feel. This "forum" have some good advantages over the old one, but the disadvantages are still too many. Too soon to merge IMHO. And all artists from Rembrandt to Sibert are avoiding solid black. For some reason the contrast is too big to be "friendly".Feb 28.2023
@themolitorAppreciate your input @sibert. Unfortunately with the previous forum software, it just was not something we could build off of directly. A seemingly drastic shift was required for us to continue building this thing out. When we launched the “new” site, we left the forum alone and gave it a subdomain in order to give everyone a chance to poke around and get familiar with it all, because you’re right, it’s totally different. That was about a year ago. I don’t think changes are ever easy, but we did try to bake in some time before we flipped the switch. We are trying to “forumize” this out more and make it easier to share code examples to help each other out. I also appreciate your thoughts on color and layout. That really does help me assess where to go with it all. 🤘Feb 28.2023
@sibertt just was not something we could build off of directly... It seems that most of us do not see the big picture atm. We as "users" are thinking "forum". But you may have bigger dreams, that we do not fully understand right now. Perhaps we appreciate this in the future, but right now it is a step backward IMHO.Feb 28.2023
@sibertHow do I correct my misspelling?Feb 28.2023
@themolitorBig picture is to actually enable devs to earn for the value that they provide us here. Edit button coming up next after I push this email notification system live 🤘 #testingNowFeb 28.2023
@sibert:-)Mar 01.2023


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