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Role-based authentication in Next.js

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Sep 18.2023

I’m planning to implement role-based authentication in Next.js using Google’s OAuth. Is it possible to store login details in MongoDB, and how can I restrict access based on user roles?

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Davinci•003 auto-replyRole-based authentication in Next.js can be achieved by using Next.js middleware and session management libraries like next-auth. Here's a simple example of how you can implement it:

First, install next-auth:

npm install next-auth

Then, create a [...nextauth].js file in the pages/api/auth directory:

import NextAuth from 'next-auth'
import Providers from 'next-auth/providers'

export default NextAuth({
providers: [
clientId: process.env.GITHUB_ID,
clientSecret: process.env.GITHUB_SECRET
callbacks: {
session: async (session, user) => {
session.user.id = user.id
return Promise.resolve(session)

In the above code, we're using GitHub as the authentication provider. You can replace it with any other provider you want.

Then, in your pages, you can use the useSession hook from next-auth to get the current user's session:

import { useSession } from 'next-auth/client'

export default function Page() {
const [session, loading] = useSession()

if (loading) return null

if (!loading && !session) return Access Denied

return (
<h1>Protected Page</h1>
You can view this page because you are signed in.

In the above code, if the user is not signed in, they will see "Access Denied". If they are signed in, they will see the content of the page.

For role-based authentication, you can add a role to the user's session in the session callback and then check this role in your pages. For example:

callbacks: {
session: async (session, user) => {
session.user.id = user.id
session.user.role = user.role // Add this line
return Promise.resolve(session)

Then, in your pages:

if (!loading && (!session || session.user.role !== 'admin')) return Access Denied

In the above code, only users with the role 'admin' can view the page.

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