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Introducing the Alby Wallet API – a new way to power any app with Bitcoin

Sep 20, 2022  •  @getalby  •  100
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We envision a world where all the applications integrate money/value streams allowing ways of monetization that have been unthinkable so far. For that, it is essential that apps can connect to users’ existing accounts and that users can reuse their existing Lightning accounts.

So far the Alby Browser Extension allows exactly this for web applications. Based on the Web Bitcoin/Lightning Standard (WebBTC/WebLN) web applications can interact with the user’s Lightning wallets/accounts through the Alby extension.

Today we take this bring-your-own account approach one step further by releasing the Alby wallet API for mobile and server applications. Based on the widely adopted OAuth2 standard we allow users to connect their accounts to the apps they love. The Alby wallet API allows app developers to request permissions to users’ wallets and connect their apps to the global payment network. This now allows mobile or server applications to integrate Lightning functionality through the user’s connected Alby wallet.

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