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Testing the new functions of this forum and hoping for feedback on ToDo site…

I am trying to create a ToDo-list (obvious there is too few of them) 🙂 

I got several good inputs through the years in this journey. Most of them is implemented now in this rough draft. This is basically the same design (or lack of) as before.

To achieve my goals I have worked with three ways to populate the site. Direct from server (SSR). Partly SSR and rest built by Javascript and finally I discovered a way (SSR into innerHTML) that reduce flickering.

Again I should appreciate some inputs regarding every piece of this. From UX to coding. Do not hold back. I am still learning.



PS I cannot comment my own thread. And the hover buttons have an annoying delay that makes you wonder if or when somethings happen.

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@themolitorMar 15.2023 — Cool project! One thing I noticed is that you mention "my rule of thumb is no smaller than 18px fonts", but when I toggle the font size of that sentence from 1em to 18px, the text jumps up in size, indicating it's rendering at around 16px. Side note: I fixed the "comment my own thread" issue you mentioned 👍
@sibertauthorYes. This is a typo. It should be 16px. And thank you for fixing the "comment" thing...Mar 15.2023


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