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Should Developers do IaC

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has emerged as the go-to approach for constructing consistent and scalable cloud infrastructure. While its adoption has brought many benefits, there are developers who express concerns regarding its impact on their core responsibilities. Based on my observations, some developers who embrace IaC find that it diverts their focus from essential development tasks and introduces a substantial learning curve that detracts from, rather than enhances, their primary duties. I’m curious to hear your opinions on this?

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@themolitorMar 27.2023 — Interesting. I personally haven't looked into this. Any good resources you'd recommend to learn more about IaC? Also, who would you consider to be the top 5 devs in this area?
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@whelmeApr 12.2023 — For some reason, I assumed that it was easier to work in the sphere of web development as well. Well, I haven't really worked with professionals in this sphere, and whether I needed to develop an app, I just checked whether flutter vs react native 2022 would be better for me and contacted specialists, so I'm way too far from it.


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