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Picking a domain name

Hey, I found a domain name on GoDaddy I’m interested in purchasing.

It might serve as a a business name as well later but for now I want to try creating a website with it since I can afford the price in terms of risk.

I lack understanding of the process to create and manage a website (probably “news”, SEO maybe) and make profit off of it – though I am tech savvy.

This is meant to serve as a side hustle and be a source for creative writing by student journalists.

I would like to invest in a cloud hosting provider as well but this leads me to several questions:

1. And the most crucial one for me… Would the domain name be “clean”? For example – ****.com ,

Or would it include pretext by the host?

2. If the first answer is no, than what is the best host for someone less invested in coding? Though not completely oblivious to the nature of programming and ready to invest time and thought.

3. How limited am I to the host of my choice? And how limited am I to the platform of building the website (i.e WordPress)? Will I be able to change those midway and keep my brand and customer base? Any country specific restirictions I should investigate? hypothetically speaking of course.

I realize this is pretty broad, but since I lack in terms of income this is a project I have to get some advice on. If someone experienced in the industry might even allow me some consultation, feel free to DM me. I can’t promise pay but if you need someone to talk to about mentality and stuff like that, I’ll be glad to offer my personal story and help right back if I can.

Thank you and have a great day guys 🙂

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