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Note-Taking and Code Snippets

I’m really pushing hard to study (and utilize) Web Development. Like most, my journey starts with HTML and CSS. Going through web tutorials, online courses, and pulling excellent tips from Twitter provides me with a wealth of things to note down for reference. I understand advanced web developers may not need note taking tools and such- but are there any tools the community can suggest that make it easy to copy code snippets and add explanations about them, etc? I am in a Mac/Chrome/iOS environment. Thank you in advance-

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@themolitorMar 10.2023 — Hey Michael 👋 If I were getting started and wanted to take notes, I'd probably use codepen.io. You can paste HTML, CSS or JavaScript in there and add any additional notes you need. The nice thing about using codepen is there's a window on the page that let's you see how your code would render in the browser.
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@sibertMar 11.2023 — I use Jsfiddle. Both notes and working examples.
@sibertJsfiddle. I could not still edit my own post in this beta...Mar 11.2023
@themolitorFixed. BIG update coming this week for comments. Stay tuned... ;-)Mar 11.2023
@sibert...and the load time below 5 minutes also?Mar 11.2023
@themolitorhehe, working on that too :-)Mar 11.2023
@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorThe site loads fine for me. Never had a problem.Mar 13.2023
@sibert"The site loads fine for me.". Does this "forum" use CDN?Mar 13.2023
@themolitorIt does, but we’re not currently leveraging “full cache” due to testing purposes of features we’re actively working on.Mar 13.2023
@sibert:-)Mar 13.2023


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