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Plugin to Increase Site Speed

Are there any WordPress plugins that can help your site load faster? Tried WP Rocket but the page load speed score is still less than 60.


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@johnwheatley94Mar 05.2021 — Coronavirus has immensely disturbed everything. And especially the business community. It has changed the way we see and think about certain things. Everything is still closed and doing everything from home is a big disaster. click here for more information ptcl [speedput](https://www.speedput.com/) Everyone’s working from home and that’s why it was very difficult for me to maintain everything at such a terrible speed of the internet. But this site helped me a lot during all this .
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@VITSUSAMar 05.2021 — Click on the mentioned hyperlink to know about the plugin to increase site speed -

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@SamrichMar 05.2021 — @mayla1#1628891 First of all, you need a good fast template. That already solves half of the issues. Next you need to install and configure the WP Super Cache plugin. switch to Google's jquery. Use delayed javascript loading. Use delayed image loading. Reduce the size of HTML, CSS and Javascript files with W3 Total Cache plugin
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@sebastianserfasJan 25.2023 — When you are a newbie, you should start with WordPress because of its easy interface. I've created almost 50+ blogging websites[,](https://slidesharedown.com/) in it and flipped 3 because their graphics and presentation were awesome.

This is a great opportunity for you if you take the first step.

The rest is up to you.

Enjoy your evening.
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@sebastianserfasJan 27.2023 — Yes,

Perfmatter plugin fast your website and increase your page speed score. I use it on my website its working perfect[.](https://slidesharedown.com/)
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@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorJan 27.2023 — {"locked":true}
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@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorJan 27.2023 — This is an OLD Thread. Please pay attention to dates.


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