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faking directorys for increasd goodle box indexing

i just set up my new little online commerce site to use mod_rewrite to fake directory names … ie i remove ?, = and & characters in those nasty query strings google hates, and swap them for something else. I knote the last visit from google bot suddenly the dowload rate jumped from 5 mb to 50 mb . The google cache has not updated for my new content yet however and i have done some seo on the pages.

[URL=http://www.secret-treats.com]My WebSite —- www.Secret-Treats.com[/URL]

Please check it as an example of how to get google indexing your page better.
Also please review my site in genral any comments welcome …

Please reply with any useful comments for my site and site design and technical seo, indexing etc

Please help me make a success of this project. ? ?

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@DaveinLondonAug 14.2006 — You have a very nice site- I cant find anything -ve - it looks excellent.

Have you been working long on it ?

How do you use the mod_rewrite to"convert" to directories ?

When I finsh my site I will have loads of them





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