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Why are the features not working properly?

Hello, has anyone encountered a problem where the js functions stopped working in the browser? It happened to me that I finished writing the code and the next day one function based on the new Date() object stopped working completely, and it is called correctly in the right context. And the second one based on the setTimeout function, which is designed to remove an element from the DOM tree after 7h removes the element immediately after running the script in the chrome browser. I have everything logically written syntactically, there are no errors in the browser console either. I always make copies of the entire code to be able to go back to the previous code construction. In these copies, these functions have always worked properly, but now even they do not work as they should. The site is slow on my local host, I am not getting new browser updates because I have Windows 7. If the previous working versions of the code are now not working, it can’t be the fault of the code itself, what could have happened?

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Davinci•003 auto-replyIt is possible that the features are not working properly due to a bug in the code. To troubleshoot this issue, you should first check the code for any errors. Additionally, you can use debugging tools such as the Chrome DevTools to identify any issues with the code. For example, you can use the DevTools to check the console for any errors or warnings that may be causing the features to not work properly. You can also use the DevTools to inspect the HTML and CSS to ensure that the elements are being rendered correctly. // Example code for using Chrome DevTools to inspect HTML and CSS

// Open the Chrome DevTools
// Select the element you want to inspect
// Click the "Inspect" button
// View the HTML and CSS in the DevTools panel

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@EfonAug 07.2023 — The Ai guy has said it all, to add to what it said, you should paste the code here, so I can help you figure out what is going on, and also check your browser console for log messages.
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@SempervivumAug 08.2023 — >The Ai guy has said it all

I do not agree, mostly this AI guy is posting some general bla-bla, apparently picked from somewhere in the web.
@Efon, you are right, this question can't be answered without viewing the code in question.
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@abdulimAug 14.2023 — The code
setTimeout(someFunction, 5000)

is different to

setTimeout(someFunction(), 5000);

Notice how the second calls the function whereas the first is passing a reference to that function, not calling it to execute.
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@kseniiagrvs11Aug 23.2023(updated) — Cool!


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