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Show SATS earning total on each article posted

+ 6,500
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Jul 01.2022

This feature request is worthy of a bounty.

The idea is to show the total SATS earned on each article posted.

This article has earned the author 4,250 SATS on WebDeveloper.com

In terms of placement… maybe somewhere at the top if the preferred treatment is minimal (e.g. just show the total with the sats icon and when people hover over it, the text above). Or, perhaps at the end of the article with the same text as suggested for the hover.

(This is worth WAY more than 6,500 SATS, but I need a way to deposit more SATS vs only being able to earn them in order to make this a proper bounty!)

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@themolitorJul 06.2022 — Like this?... 😉



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