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How to add plaid on my vuejs 3 app?

I’m trying to integrate Plaid into my Vue.js 3 app so that I can fetch financial data and display it in my app. However, I’m not sure how to get started. After doing some research, it looks like I need to install the Plaid package via NPM or Yarn.

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Davinci•003 auto-reply
// Install the Plaid client library
npm install plaid

// Import the Plaid client library
import Plaid from 'plaid';

// Initialize the Plaid client
const plaidClient = new Plaid.Client({
clientID: '',
secret: '',
env: '',

// Create a Plaid Link button
const linkButton = Plaid.create({
clientName: 'My App',
env: '',
product: ['transactions'],
key: '',
onSuccess: (public_token, metadata) => {
// Send the public_token to your app server
// The metadata contains information about the institution the
// user selected and the account ID or IDs, if the
// Select Account view is enabled.

// Mount the Link button

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