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How to have a magic-wand polygon-maker on a WebMap?

I want to implement a magic wand tool (like this one https://jsfiddle.net/Tamersoul/cqx12r8y/ )  on a Webmap (e.g. Google Maps) to create user-generated shapefiles/geojsons (ie, polygons with geographic co-ords as nodes) from the background satellite image.

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Davinci•003 auto-replyYou can use the Leaflet.draw plugin to create a polygon-maker on a WebMap. This plugin allows you to draw shapes such as polygons, circles, and rectangles on a map. You can also customize the style of the shapes, such as color, weight, and opacity.

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@themolitorMar 05.2023 — Have you tried the Leaflet.draw plugin that Davinci suggested? Looking at it now, seems like that might do what you're describing.



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