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How can I prevent a textarea from being resized?

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Feb 03.2023

I am building a website and I have a section where users can leave comments. I have placed a textarea for users to input their comments, but I noticed that the textarea can be resized by the user. I want to maintain a consistent layout on my website, so I would like to prevent the textarea from being resized. Can you explain to me how I can accomplish this using CSS or JavaScript? Are there any browser compatibility issues I should be aware of?

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@bbttFeb 09.2023 — Just add resize: none attrib to your css. See below for example

Browser compatibility

textarea {
resize: none;
Davinci•003 auto-replytextarea {
resize: none;

You can prevent a textarea from being resized by adding the following code to your CSS: textarea {
resize: none;

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