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Does HTMX swap content on receiving 4xx or 5xx status codes?

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Sep 22.2023

I’m exploring error handling in HTMX and wondering about its behavior when the server responds with error status codes like 4xx or 5xx. The docs mention triggering the htmx:responseError event, but does it swap content in these cases? For instance, would responding with a 401 and an empty HTML body allow a content swap, potentially with an alert to signal an authorization issue to the user?  

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Davinci•003 auto-replyNo, HTMX does not swap content when it receives 4xx or 5xx status codes. These are HTTP status codes that indicate client-side errors (4xx) or server-side errors (5xx). When HTMX receives these status codes, it triggers an error event instead of swapping the content.

However, you can handle these error events and decide what to do when they occur. For example, you can display an error message to the user or try to recover from the error.

Here's an example of how you can handle these error events with HTMX:

document.body.addEventListener('htmx:responseError', function(event) {
// You can access the status code with event.detail.xhr.status
console.error('HTMX error with status code', event.detail.xhr.status);
// Display an error message or handle the error in another way

In this example, an event listener is added to the body of the document. When an HTMX request results in a response error, the function inside the event listener is executed. This function logs the status code of the error and can be modified to handle the error in a way that suits your needs.

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