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Mike McAlister

Software Engineer
UX Engineer
Award-winning problem solver from planet Earth. I’m Mike McAlister, a designer and principal software engineer from the Midwest, USA. I build killer products and digital experiences that people love.


In 2022, I launched Ollie, an educational resource for the next generation of WordPress. Through Ollie, I'll be teaching how to use all of the new features of WordPress, exploring new product opportunities, and having big discussions about everything going on in WordPress.
WP Engine
In 2018, Array Themes and Atomic Blocks were acquired by WP Engine and joined as a Principal Software Engineer. In my role, I'm tasked with innovating products for the next generation of WordPress creators and mentoring a quality-first team of product engineers.
Atomic Blocks
Launched Atomic Blocks, a bleeding edge plugin developed for the WordPress block editor. The plugin achieved quick growth, reaching 20,000 users in just a matter of months. In 2018 the plugin was acquired by WP Engine.
Array Themes
Designed, developed, and launched, a boutique WordPress theme shop with a focus on purposeful design and simplicity.
Finding a new home for the WordPress community

The recent $44 billion dollar purchase of Twitter has a lot of people talking, to put it mildly. Some people are excited for a shakeup, seeing a lot of untapped potential in Twitter. Others are anxious, seeing the turbulence and uncertainty as a threat to the communities they’ve worked so hard to build over the […]

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Three beautiful font pairs to bring your design to life

We are truly in a renaissance of web design and development resources right now. We’ve got abundant content, design and dev tools, pre-made assets like templatesTemplates Templates are designs for pages and can include one or more template parts., icons, and fonts, and dozens of platforms to bring it all together (thanks, WordPress!). Typography for […]

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Spice up your WordPress content with Block Styles

Content, just like the rest of your site, deserves to be beautiful. Oftentimes, we put so much emphasis on how our homepage looks, but we don’t give the same attention to detail to the content that fills our posts and pages. But our content is so important! In the eyes of our audience (and Google), […]

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Global styles and the future of CSS in WordPress

While browsing Twitter recently, I stumbled upon an interesting conversation happening between Damon Cook and Joseph Farruggio, who were discussing the pros and cons of theme.json, a new settings and style engine for WordPress themes. As seen in the tweet below, Joseph asks “Can you think of an example where writing the CSS in JSONJSON […]

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