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The word-spacing property sets an increase or decrease in the white space between words.


Positive and negative values are allowed.

p {
  word-spacing: 20px;


Default value. Sets the spacing between words (0.25em) to normal.

Positive or negative value in px, pt, cm, em, etc that defines an additional space between words.

Sets the property to its default value.

Inherits this property’s value from its parent item.

Browser Compatibilty


User-submitted codepen.io examples of word-spacing


See the Pen on CodePen.

@themolitorNice demo! Maybe change the H1s to p tags so it all fits into view? Right now the H1s are causing a lot overflow in the "results" view of the demo. 👍
@ByteAtATimeOh, sorry! I was viewing it on a large screen, didn't know it was going to be embedded. Should be changed now!
@themolitorYES! Much better 🤘

Want to Contribute?

Submit a codepen.io link that demonstrates word-spacing:

to submit a demo.


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