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The object tag, or External Object element, is used to designate a container for an external resource.


If you are embedding an image, it is better to use the <img> tag. For embedding HTML the <iframe> tag should be used. For video or audio, the <video> or <audio> tags should be used.

<object type="application/pdf" data="/media/example.pdf" width="400" height="600"></object>


Provides the URL for the resource.

Designates the form id of the form the object belongs to.

Provides the height of the object in pixels.

Provides the name of the object.

Provides the media type of the data that is provided in the data attribute.

Designates whether the type attribute and the content of the resource must be matching in order to be displayed.

If using an image map with the object, the name of it is provided here.

Provides the width of the object in pixels.

Browser Compatibilty


Have a code example of <object>? Submit a codepen.io demo and we'll showcase it here

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