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The <a> tag, or Anchor element, defines a hyperlink to any URL on the web, including web pages, files, email addresses, telephone numbers, anchors on the same page – anything that a URL can address.


The most important attribute is href, which provides the address to which the element is linked.

<a href="https://webdeveloper.com/">Visit WebDeveloper.com</a>


Specifies that the targeted URL will be downloaded to the users computer. Can be used with or without a value

Provides the address to which the element is linked.

Identifies the language that the linked URL is in.

Identifies the media or device that the linked URL is optimized for.

Sends post requests with the body ping to a comma separated list of URLs when the link is clicked.

Depending on the specified value, determines how much of the referrer to send.

Depending on the specified value, specifies the relationship between the linked item and the current URL.

Determines where the linked URL is opened (current window, new window, etc.)

Provides the linked URL’s format in Mime-type.

Browser Compatibilty


User-submitted codepen.io examples of <a>


See the Pen on CodePen.


See the Pen on CodePen.

@themolitorNice! I was expecting the effects to happen on hover at first. "Fancy link" should probably say "click this fancy link" or something?
@ZalorCakeLordThat's a good idea! I didn't think of it for some reason lol.

See the Pen on CodePen.

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Submit a codepen.io link that demonstrates <a>:

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