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What effect does redirecting have on old and new websites?

Hello all,

We recently created a new website for our company and put it on a new URL, too. Since the new site went live in May, we have left our old site up at the old URL, and we have a notice there with a link directing people to the new site. We don’t want to take the old site down yet because it shows up well in search results, and we want to give the new site time to work its way up the search engine ladder.

My question is this: If we redirect our old site to the new one, will the old one be removed from the Google search results or be penalized in any way? Also, will the new site benefit at all from the search strength of the old site if we redirect it?

Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorJul 26.2023 — PLEASE NOTE:

@morrisonvp wrote-> "We don’t want to take the new site down yet because it shows up well"

It should be obvious that he meant to say-> "We don’t want to take the OLD site down yet because it shows up well"
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@morrisonvpauthorJul 26.2023 — You are correct. I apologize for the error. I have fixed it.
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@bharatlogicJul 28.2023 — @morrisonvp
Redirecting the old site to the new one using a 301 redirect won't penalize the old site in search results.
The new site will benefit from the old site's search strength over time. Monitor rankings as the new site climbs the search engine ladder. Good luck!
@morrisonvpauthorThank you! I appreciate your help.Jul 28.2023
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@mirandiJul 31.2023 — When you redirect old URLs to new ones, it ensures that users who click on old links or bookmarks are automatically taken to the corresponding new page, preventing broken links and maintaining user traffic.
@morrisonvpauthorYes, I understand that. The question, however, centers on whether putting a redirect on the old site will affect its search rankings.Jul 31.2023
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@phillipcarrollMay 02.2024 — We had this old website that was doing pretty well in search results, but it was time for a fresh start with a new site on a new URL. We didn't want to lose all the traction we'd gained with the old site, so we decided to leave it up for a while and direct visitors to the new site.
@phillipcarrollAfter some research and a few discussions with SEO experts, we decided to set up a redirect from the old site to the new one. And it turned out to be a smart move. The old site didn't disappear from search results, and we didn't get penalized either. Instead, the redirect helped funnel some of that search strength to our new site, giving it a nice little boost in rankings. Oh, and speaking of boosting rankings, have you ever tried local SEO? It's been a real game-changer for us, especially for attracting customers in our area.May 07.2024(updated)


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