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select from category and any sub category

I have a simple catalogue running. Products are inside basic high level categories..  I select items from this based on this ID. 

For example: SELECT * FROM products WHERE cateogryId = ?

However, I’ve now been asked to add sub categories.

So, if I had Cars before, I now have Cars > Toyota > 4WD

Cars: 2
Toyota: 34 (Parent 2)
4WD: 23 (Parent 34)

Now when I select ID 2, I want to also select those within 34 & 23..

How can I do this?

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@sibertJun 21.2023 — You can use many-to-many relations. Which means that you must have a "link table" in between.

The link table consists of (normally) three columns (link_id, cat_id, sub_id)


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