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MySQL Results Make Own Array

I’m looping through a MySQL result. The result is a series of football games played by a particular person.

On each game, I want to do a lookup to see what ‘season’ it was in. 

I want to group results by team and season.

For example, if a reason was in 2002-2023 I want all games played for team 76 collated together. Showing how many games they played and how many goals they scored. 

I can’t do this in MySQL as some games are played for under multiple competitions and are counted twice. So I’m looking to loop through my game list by playerId and create a row for each team and season.  

Assuming making that an array and adding to it?

Question is how?

while ($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) {
   $teamId = $row['teamId'];
   $season = getSeason($row['gameId']);

// if season and teamId array row exists add goals and game to appearance else create new one?

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@JamieC1Apr 14.2024 — Create a PHP array to group football games by team and season. Loop through the MySQL results, check if the team-season combination exists in the array, and update the game and goal counts accordingly.


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