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Meta Tag keywords

I am doing a website for a spa.   Their services offer many types of massages, facials, pedicures, manicures etc.  I would like to add the list of services to meta keyword tags so that if someone searches a service they offer, they will be found in their google search.  How is the best way to do this.  I read an article that meta keyword tags are out dated.  Is that so?  How do I get all  my services out there if keywords aren’t used.   Or should I use a plugin like Meta Tag Manager?  Your thoughts would really be appreciated.

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@saraneeauthorOct 17.2023 — FYI - there are no posts on the website, only pages.
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@zubairDec 05.2023 — If you are using WordPress then the YOAST SEO plugin provides all on-page SEO features.
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@Shani418Jan 22.2024(updated) — Meta Tag keywords are outdated for SEO, with search engines prioritizing content. Optimize your spa website by naturally integrating relevant keywords in service descriptions, titles, and headers. Instead of relying on Meta Tag keywords, focus on creating high-quality content and an accurate meta description. Explore this comprehensive guide for beginners on SEO practices.


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