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How to host websites for free?


I started learning web development 3 months ago and I created a couple of applications.

I want to host my websites online, but there are so many services that I don’t know where to start.

What I’m looking for is a service that offers a free plan where I can host my front-end and full-stack projects.

I’ve heard that you can host front-end websites on GitHub pages. I wasn’t sure if this is the recommended way to host websites, or if there’s a better free service.

For full-stack applications, I tried using Render’s free plan. However, my website spins down after 15 minutes of inactivity and it takes a couple of minutes to spin back up when it receives a request.

I want to show my applications to employers without having to take minutes to load the webpage. Is there another free alternative to host a full-stack application that offers a faster load time?

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@sibertJan 17.2024 — 
For full-stack applications...

...you may have to (depending on your "stack") have root access. I suggest you have a look at a VPS instead. IONOS have a 1GBP / month VPS (almost free...) that is good enough. With a VPS you can do almost everything. Harder, but you show your employers that you can manage the engines behind as well. It should at least impress me :-)

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@eugenephilip572Feb 09.2024(updated) — To host websites for free, consider platforms like GitHub Pages, Netlify, or Firebase Hosting. These services offer free hosting options with varying features and limitations. Evaluate your website's needs and choose a platform that aligns with your requirements while providing reliable performance and support for your web projects.


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