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background image

I’m wanting to display an image on my home  page but blend it into the background? Something like this. How I achieve it without seeing a hard line where it ends? 

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@cootheadFeb 20.2024 — Hi there kiwis,

it would be helpful, assuming that you require a solution to your problems,
if you could supply members here with your foreground and background
image pairs.

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@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorFeb 21.2024 — Hey Mr. Coothead. Long time no see.
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@themolitorFeb 22.2024 — I'd recommend using :before or :after to create a color overlay like this:

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@cootheadFeb 26.2024 — Hi there Steve,

"Hey Mr. Coothead. Long time no see."

I find it difficult to use this site as I keep
seeing this at the top of the page...

Account Flagged

...and no one here seems to review this situation.

Also the original poster never appears to reply to
posts that I have made to his problems, such as
this one


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@cootheadFeb 26.2024 — Hi there themolitor,

"Account Flagged

The WD Safety & Security team has detected discourteous
behavior related to this profile/account.

While we investigate the cause of this flag, access to
publishing content on WD has been disabled."

Do you know when the "WD Safety & Security team" might
complete their somewhat lengthy investigations?

@Steve_R_JonesmoderatorWhile I look into this.... try removing the "Edit Value I am really old, bald and smelly" paragraph from your profile.Feb 26.2024
@cootheadHi there Steve, I do not, at present, have permission to edit my profile. Having said that, the text to which you referred is absolutely true. I am eighty years old, totally bald and due to a deterioration in olfaction I am unable to safely determine the state of my bodily odours. To avoid upsetting others I believe it is an act of kindness to warn everyone of my personal shortcomings. cootheadFeb 27.2024
@themolitorI've deactivated the flag. Should be good now 👍Feb 27.2024
@cootheadThanks. Feb 27.2024
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@cootheadFeb 27.2024 — Hi there kiwis,

are you going to come back to this thread?

Both "themolitor" and I have made suggestions
with regards to your problem.

It is just simple common curtesy to reply to them.



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