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how do you lot…

how do you lot make your websites do you make the layout on photoshop and slice then make tables in dreamweaver and put ya layout together like that ??? how do you lot make ya sites

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@KeveyMar 15.2006 — I made my site in Notepad with html/css, and my graphics in Paintshop Pro.
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@the_treeMar 15.2006 — HTML-Kit is my text editor of choice, the GIMP for graphics.
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@johnevaMar 15.2006 — I use code veiw in Dreamweaver I use HTML and CSS and make graphics in either Photoshop or PSP.

Slicing and dicing as you mentioned is a bad way to make sites.
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@LiLcRaZyFuZzYMar 15.2006 — 
Slicing and dicing as you mentioned is a bad way to make sites.[/QUOTE]


I use a text editor (SciTE) to write the markup and CSS, and photoshop for the graphics
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@Midnight_SparkMar 15.2006 — In almost all websites that i've done, i'm using flash at the header and pic almost all in the body for background and some design... for framing and table i did it in dreamweaver.. for most of the coding it's notepad...

but there are times that the whole site is a flash movie... or many parts of it...
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@HoboBenMar 15.2006 — Hi, everyone, my first post.

I'd just like to say...

Notepad forever!

Handcoded HTML, maximum of CSS, minimum graphics which are optimised to infinity.

Tables are used with reluctance, DIVs are cleaner but not always pratical. I use a mixture of both (Unusual, apparently).

Server side includes too.

That's the way to go.

I use photoshop 5.5 for the PC, The GIMP for linux and sometimes MSpaint for pixel art, which I then save in photoshop.
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@johnevaMar 15.2006 — Welcome to the forum HoboBen!

Sounds like your gonna fit in just nicely here then..
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@terrawolfMar 15.2006 — I slice my graphics in Photoshop if it's required, and then I use emacs for the rest... I'm a closet nerd ?

I prefer to use CSS, but sometimes I do see the point of using tables...
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@LiLcRaZyFuZzYMar 15.2006 — 
I prefer to use CSS, but sometimes I do see the point of using tables...[/QUOTE]

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@welshMar 15.2006 — php while loop ?
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@LiLcRaZyFuZzYMar 15.2006 — Well, i never said that people should not use tables, as long as it is tabular data (which is the case most of the time when data is retrieved from a database)
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@mcbodeeMar 15.2006 — I now use just Notepad for coding, use to use Frontpage, and tried Dreamweaver. Use Photoshop CS2 for graphics. Mainly do just html & css with simple (background, icons)graphics. But lately have started using php in a few test sites.
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@terrawolfMar 16.2006 — like..when?[/QUOTE]
Well, when you have a client with a hugely graphics intensive website for one (and by that I mean in the interface, not in the visual support)... I just don't see the point of making a person wait for a graphic that they don't even know is there by using CSS and background images.

Or when you have information that's not necessarily tabular but should be displayed in an organised manner.

I'm definitely not [b]advocating[/b] using tables over CSS and the proper use of DIVs especially in interface design, but like I said in the frames thread, I believe that there is a time and a place.
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@pcthugMar 16.2006 — You can display images without setting them as css backgrounds or using tables, and div's (if used in conjunction with the right css) can be set to display data in a very organized manner.

Tables were designed for one reason, that being to display tabular data. Any one questioning tables for anything else should definetly check this article out first

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@Robert_WellockMar 16.2006 — By hand! Apache and PHP.


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