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Iframes border

I put in frameborder=”0″, and there is still a frame. so what is wrong? it is inside the <iframe> tag so it’s not in the wrong place or anything.

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@ray326Jan 15.2006 — Have you tried [B]style="border:0"[/B]?
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@EdGreenauthorJan 15.2006 — just tried, still no luck.
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@KoryJan 15.2006 — I see no reson why frameborder="0" would not work, I just tried it and it worked perfectly.

Maybe something with the page.


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@EdGreenauthorJan 15.2006 — It's not up yet so there is no url, i can't think of any reason either that's why it's puzzling me. It did actually work to begin with, but i changed the file name and after that it stopped working.
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@EdGreenauthorJan 15.2006 — It's fixed now! I had a script in the target file which made the scrollbar blue, and it wasn't in the other file, i didn't think that would matter but i put it in and now it works.
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@KoryJan 15.2006 — ? great!


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