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PHP and MySQL N00b question?

Alright so basically here’s the premise. I’ve got a program that will index several movie titles and store basic information about those movies in a database. Right now the web interface lets you enter the information you need to enter and then does a MySql query to sort and print the information.
But I want to do more!
Basically, the first hurdle I have to get over is a way to edit the information in the table once it’s there. True, I could edit the information from the MySQL command-line, but the idea is to avoid that since other users will be using this interface. My idea is to have the user enter information through the HTML form as per the norm, then perform the query and display the query information in a basic HTML table but to have the last table be a button that says “edit” and allows an update/alter on the table row.
I also want to make each movie Title a hypertext link that will link to a table containing long descriptions (but that’s a ways off).
Anyone got suggestions? Or point me in the direction of a nice tutorial to perform this action?

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@SpectreReturnsOct 05.2005 — *[url=http://www.google.ca/search?q=mysql+tutorial]sigh[/url]*
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@bambolinOct 05.2005 — www.snippetcollection.com/language/sql will help you out. There are plenty of small examples that help you understand what you can do :-) If you have any questions ask:-)


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